Apprenticeships in Newcastle upon Tyne

Joshua Tulip, Digital Consultant

First published: 15/03/2020
Last updated: 15/03/2020 13:27

Are you considering doing an apprenticeship in Newcastle? If so, then you have made a good choice. The city is home to a variety oftraining providers that provide opportunities for you to gain experience in your chosen industry, learn a trade and get paid for it.

Source: Folding@Home


Newcastle-upon-Tyne is in the North-East of England and home to three colleges that offer apprenticeships and courses for people moving into a range of industries. You can enrol onto an apprenticeships to gain knowledge and experience in all kinds of sectors, from software programming to beauty therapy.


People looking for apprenticeships in Newcastle come across Gateshead College in their search. The reason? Gateshead College is currently the UK’s number one for apprenticeships.

Gateshead College, like many other apprenticeship colleges around the country offer vacancies via a prospectus and their website.

Many different kinds of companies, small and large, take part in the national apprenticeship scheme, meaning that there are plenty of opportunities to earn while you train.


Newcastle College, like Gateshead College, provides apprenticeship opportunities for people who want to start earning money straight away whilst training. The college supports you throughout the process, providing a nationally accredited apprenticeship during your employment and helping you to gain the skills you need for a successful career. 

Like the other training providers in this post, Newcastle College offers apprenticeships for people over the age of 16. There is no upper limit on how old you can be to apply. Furthermore, the college actively helps you to find an employer, making the process of applying easier than you might imagine.


TyneMet College offers flexible support and education for those on apprenticeships. They offer apprenticeships in a variety of industries and sectors, including accounting, beauty, computing, construction, digital marketing, hairdressing, catering, manufacturing, motor vehicle maintenance, retail, social media and telesales.

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