Small business support for the North-East

Joshua Tulip, Digital Consultant

First published: 19/03/2020
Last updated: 19/03/2020 09:49

I am launching a not-for-profit small business support scheme in the form of a digital resource center for businesses based in the North-East following the Coronavirus pandemic.

Source: Neil Thomas of Unsplash


The digital resource center offers business advice for free to businesses of all sizes. I will be simplifying information relating to government grants, loan facilities and tax payments.

For businesses based in the North-East, I will be offereing another level of support in the form of website and digital asset provisions for more traditional businesses who are not equipped for online trade and who need to get online quickly in order for their business to weather this storm.


You can apply by navigating to the small business support section of this website. All digital resources and information are available there and forms to request free digital assets are included there too.


If you are a digital consultant, freelancer, or entrepreneur that has particular skill sets which you can add to this project, then please get in touch and I will add you to the roster.

If you do not have a skill set which is well fitted to assist, then you can support this not-for-profit project financially with a donation. More information about donations can be found on in the digital resource center.

And and all help is much appreciated.

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