Taking a look at the potential benefits of CBD for dogs

Joshua Tulip, Digital Consultant

First published: 15/03/2020
Last updated: 15/03/2020 13:27

The CBD marketplace in the UK has grown in terms of drug availability and understanding over the last couple of years. Whilst there is little clinical evidence that Cannabidiol plays a role in anxiety and pain reduction, users often swear by the positive impact it has on their lives.

A lot of people reading this post have probably heard of CBD or have tried it in one form or another, but would you give it to your pet? Apparently it’s not just humans who can try CBD products and feel the benefits. It is now also possible to buy CBD products for your pets. With that in mind, it’s time to dig deeper and find out more about this growing market.

Search interest for ‘CBD for Dogs’ over the last 5 years in the UK.

Source: Google


CBD is also known as cannabidiol and it’s found in both hemp and cannabis. The plants contains hundreds of Cannabinoids and access to the full spectrum depends on a number of different factors including the strain of plant and method of extraction. Importantly, CBD products in the UK don’t contain THC in most cases. That’s significant because this is the thing that makes marijuana psychoactive, so by not including this, CBD becomes safer and very different from what most people imagine marijuana and cannabis to be like. 


There haven’t yet been specific studies carried out on the effects of CBD on dogs, but many dog owners are already using it and have spoken openly about their experiences. Scientists know for sure that CBD interacts with the Endocannabinoid receptors in the body. Interestingly, these receptors impacts the peripheral nervous systems. Those systems often dictate balance throughout the human body and this is no different in the case of our pets. Similar to claims from human CBD users, there are lots of ways in which dogs can benefit from CBD, depending on their needs and overall health. 




CBD is usually used by dog owners to treat problems relating to pain and chronic pain, and it’s also commonly used to control seizures. It’s also believed by doctors to have anti-inflammatory properties, which can help a dogs heart health. CBD has been used to treat anxiety in dogs as well, helping them to stay calmer and more balanced. 

There are studies currently being carried out that should tell us more about the short-long term impact CBD can have on dogs and how they can benefit from it. The more research is done, the better we’ll understand how CBD can help dogs.




There are some side effects associated with dogs taking CBD, but these don’t impact all dogs. They’re the same as the side effects humans can experience when taking CBD. For example, CBD can reduce saliva in the mouth leading to a dry mouth and increased thirst. It can also lower blood pressure, which is definitely something to take into account if you have a dog with existing health problems that relate to its blood pressure. You should keep a lookout for signs of drowsiness in these instances.

If you like what you’ve read here and you feel your dog could experience benefits as a result of using CBD products, you should give it a try. I would always recommend consulting a vet before doing this, as you should do when making any significant changes to the diet and lifestyle of your dog.



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