My experience

I have been lucky enough to work with some of the biggest brands in the UK, supporting them to implement their strategies for operations and marketing on both short and long-term commitments. I specialise in eCommerce SEO but often spot opportunities for process automation, maximising the return from overheads.

My experience ranges from dealing with SME’s to managing multi-million-pound budgets. I have managed startups with ten prospects to blue-chips with hundreds of thousands of customers, across popular CMS or custom CRM’s.

My customer-first approach allows me to develop strategies both internally and externally to drive revenue growth.

Personal projects

I founded in March 2018 and completely overhauled the brand guidelines in March 2020. The website amassed over 1.5 million impressions in its beta and the difficult decision was taken to postpone the full launch until after the coronavirus has passed. The website remains active whilst I continue to make functionality improvements.

My digital consultancy brand was acquired by New Ventures Services Corp in September 2020 and so Click Acquisition Limited has been repositioned as Scobo Marketing Studio. Scobo engages with charities, primarily offering marketing support to brands that create opportunities for young people. I use these case studies to educate aspiring digital marketers.